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its almost done

2010-06-25 15:53:00 by Abooksigun1

my ranma wheel is almost compleate!!!!!!!!! still have no job i hope to find 1 soon. BUT WHO CARES ITS RANMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

ok lost my job

2010-06-23 02:09:28 by Abooksigun1

i lost my job and now im back at mom and dads and ya it sucks, but wile i look for new employment i can work on my art i havent done that in a wile i just posted a pic i made last year of the deamons eye at the start of the breath of fire 2 game for GBA and am working on a ranma 1/2 wheel i can promice you that its all legit (done by me in paint program) and that the mods wont have any reson to ban me.

ok now MrFrurrypants is dead

2010-06-21 16:06:00 by Abooksigun1

Abooksigun is in control now i guess there is already another person with the screen name abooksigun but i dont believe that they use newgrounds any more. i say this cause i can never get a response from them :( but oh well
life goes on.